Sometime during my high school career, a friend of mine brought over this board with a few hundred black and white pieces - which, at the time, seemed much like M&Ms. (And I had to fight hard to resist snacking during the game.) This, he explained, was the ancient game of Go.

In any case, I was soon hooked. I started playing against his father, who instructed us on some crucial rules we were ignorant of and brought others into a small club at his house.

Currently, I'm playing at a club that meets Tuesdays at the Anne Hughes coffee room at Powell's in Portland (very nicely tolerating us and our continuous coffee and snack buying.) There I'm around 4 kyu. (AGA) Rankings are very relative, and it's common for an entire club to vary several stones in rank from another, especially if they are in different countries.

I've also created a web site for the Willamette Valley Go Club.


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